Men’s Fashion: Let’s Pick it Up

Some easy tips on men’s fashion.


Mathew WorthingtonBarnes

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It is no secret that a lot of guys aren’t the best at dressing or finding their style. Style is something that is very personal, but there are somethings that people should avoid. So here are my little tips to help with dressing in a style that is considered some form of acceptable in the world.

  1. If people are going to have a style or fashion choice, own it. Don’t just through things together without thinking. Try just picking a style that works with what you have and stick with it. If you don’t know your style yet, just do whatever till you find it.
  2. Just dress nice. Nice doesn’t have to mean a suit and tie, wearing a nice pair of jeans and shirt can make a world of difference. Even wearing a good pair of sweatpants with the right accessories can look nice. Those accessories can be anywhere from a good jacket, to the right ring for said jacket. Even a hat can change the whole outfit. Just be mindful of how the outfit comes together. Also wearing fitting pants is just good common sense.
  3. Buying good clothes over cheap ones. Buying a single pair of good jeans and taking care of them will in the end be more cost effective than, buying cheap stuff. The cheap clothes will just get destroyed and will cost more money to keep buying new ones. However, a pair of slightly more expensive clothes will last longer than something that is cheap. Places like Men’s Wearhouse have amazing sales.
  4. Color coordination that fits the person. Picking the right colors for a outfit can change the whole way the outfit looks. Lighter colors can work well in an indoor area. But, for some people, darker colors work better. No matter what, never wear purple plaid. That is the one thing that never works well for people.
  5. Cargo shorts are some of the most unflattering types of shorts. If people can avoid wearing them, do it. Cargo shorts make people look short and puts too much emphasis on places no one wants emphasized. Don’t wear them all the time if, for some reason, people choose to.
  6. Prints are people’s friend. Print helps people to not look at areas someone might want people to be looking at. Like vertical shirts make people look taller and slimmer. Some pants also have print on them. Stay away from those, they usually never look right on anyone. Just stay away from those and plaid pants.
  7. Body style. Some people don’t think that they have the right body style to go and shop in clothing stores. That is just not true. Stores have changed so much when it comes to going with different body types that it doesn’t matter. When trying on clothes, grab multiple pairs in the same size. Most of the time, each pair of clothing will fit differently.

Those are just some easy tips to help people find their style. A person’s style will always be what they make of it, This may help people get started. Clothes can make a man better than what people think. Even when people don’t think it is worth it to dress nice, just do it anyway.