Law of the Labs


Samuel Miranda

A picture of the signs stating some of the rules in Computer Labs during SMART Time.

Samuel Miranda, Writer

Just before semester one finals were administered, a new set of rules were implemented for the usage of computer labs during SMART Time. After a series of stolen and broken computer equipment, the school placed preventative measures in the labs to terminate this behavior.

The computer labs are usually used for completing online work during SMART Time. They offer a productive space for students needing to work for online classes or catch up on missed work. Things took a turn when there started to be an increase of vandalism in the labs.

A big issue arose when keyboards and mice were being broken or would go missing. According to Deborah Baber, Kennedy Technology Facilitator, there was also food placed on the computers. Following this behavior, supervisors were to be put in rooms with instructions to keep students quiet and on task.

The rules that were in place before the new semester began were rather simple. The labs were supposed to be quiet and students were expected to be on task. This was all aided by the addition of a teacher who watches over everyone. Students needed a pass from a teacher saying that they could use the lab, without this pass students were turned away.

The new rules for the labs use a similar system. A teacher watches the students working in the labs and helps keep everyone quiet and on task as well as ensuring no one is messing around or breaking things.

These new rules are heavily enforced. Studying in the labs now is much easier with the requirement of being quiet and keeping on task. The labs are a great place to catch up on your online work, reviewing things you’ve missed, or just trying to focus on studying.