How Will CRCSD and Other Districts be Making Up School Days?


Jason Kline via Twitter.

New Friday schedule starting March 1.

Students and parents living in Iowa may have concerns about how our school district will be making up our nine snow days and four two-hour delays. Last night the Cedar Rapids Community School District came to a decision of changing all early dismissals on Fridays into full days. In addition, we will now have school on Friday, April 19 and June 3-7 will potentially be make up days.

Students are required to make up these cancellation days because of the Iowa code section 256.7 (19), which is 180 days or 1080 required school hours.

What did other Iowa school districts do?

  • Clear Creek Amana Community School District is making March 29, April 19, and June 4-6, days the students need to attend school.
  • The College Community is extending their school days from June 5-7.
  • Iowa City Community School District is adding 10 minutes to each of their school days, also making April 26 a school day and May 31 an early dismissal.
  • Linn-Mar Community School District is making March 25, April 22 and June 3-4 school days, June 5 is also a school day, but an early dismissal.
  • Mount Vernon Community School District is making all early dismissals into full days.
  • Waterloo Community School District is making April 22 a school day, then extending school days until June 7.