Pushing Yourself


Jami Martin-Trainor

Students studying in the library.

Kennedy High School has without a doubt helped me advance academically and score well on standardized tests, but as someone who is constantly looking for ways to increase my knowledge and achieve great things in life, Kennedy is currently unable to help. I am constantly looking for ways to get the most out of my time in high school, and one of which ways was requesting to take chemistry and pre-calculus over the summer so I could free up my schedule for my junior year. I was informed though, that Kennedy did not offer such programs, and that summer classes were only available to students who had previously failed a class. Many other students and I who were looking for ways to free up schedules were very disappointed to hear this, and now have to re-adjust schedules once again, and cut many classes that could greatly benefit our future.

Personally, I wanted more room in my schedule to be able to take classes that can help me with college applications and success. One of those classes was the AP Capstone courses, which I can only take as a junior. The AP Capstone class helps high school students learn how to write like a college student by teaching adequate format, style, and rules. Due to my full schedule, I am unable to take this class, which would likely increase my success in college.

Another course I considered taking was Kennedy Singers. Although I had not done it in the past, I was considering auditioning for Kennedy Show Choir to boost my resume, but unfortunately, my schedule again had no room. As a high school student, I want to be able to experiment with different clubs and classes and see what I like, but when my schedule is full of academic classes, I don’t have that choice.

I know I’m not the only student who feels this way too. Many of my peers have discussed difficulties when deciding what classes to take and having to cut classes, which can be hard decisions to make. Most of these difficulties could be irrelevant though, if students were merely given the opportunity to take classes over the summer.

All in all, if a student is willing to give up their free summer vacation in pursuit of education, why stop them? The school district should be helping students achieve great things, not limiting them to a mere seven classes per year. Summer classes could help so many students, including myself, achieve great things, and I firmly believe that Kennedy should offer these classes.