KVDT Fundraiser: Pura Vida Bracelets


Jenna Anderson

KVDT is selling blue and white Pura Vida bracelets on Dec. 19 and 20 to raise money for the various items that the team needs throughout the season.

Jenna Anderson, Co Editor-in-Chief

The Kennedy Varsity Dance Team (KVDT) is selling Pura Vida bracelets in the foyer during lunch for $6 (or three for $15), today Dec. 19 and Thursday Dec. 20. Two dance team members will be at a table by the senior bench during each lunch shift.

The money helps KVDT pay for hotels for competitions, travel fees and save up for new gear.

“We just got new poms and next year they want to try and get new uniforms,” KVDT member, Halle Hill, sr., said.

The team is selling the bracelets just two days this week, but plans to sell various versions of bracelets throughout the year. They previously sold green and yellow Pura Vida bracelets back in the fall, and were able to sell all of their inventory.

KVDT is currently selling blue and white bracelets, with hopes that the new colors will attract more customers.

The brand Pura Vida began in Costa Rica in 2010, and has since provided hundreds of jobs to artisans in Costa Rica. The phrase “pura vida” means “pure life,” a term that the brand wanted to use to inspire others to live life to the fullest. The Pura Vida website mentions their cause by adding, “We have partnered with over 174 different charities around the world and have donated more than $1,534,879.20 to causes we believe in.”

By purchasing a Pura Vida bracelet, students will not only be helping the Varsity Dance Team with their various competition costs, but also helping advertise a brand that gives to charities across the country.