Remembering Mr. Nees


Jenna Anderson

Students signed this poster in the hallways to write their memories or condolences.

Kennedy students and staff lost one of their mathematics teachers, Rick Nees, on Thanksgiving morning. Nees and his oldest daughter Nicole were driving in Fort Collins, Colorado when they were hit by a truck. Both Nees and his daughter were killed. The driver of the truck survived.

Principal Jason Kline encourages students to talk to counselors and grieve in whatever way is needed.

In an email to Kennedy families, Kline wrote, “We will also have support staff in Mr. Nees’ classroom. For the time being, we will offer his classes the opportunity to grieve or continue with lessons.”

Students are also able to remember Nees by writing favorite memories or condolences on a poster across from his room. For the pep assembly on Thursday, the students will honor Nees by wearing Hawaiian attire, one of his favorite things to wear each Thursday.

On Saturday, Dec. 1, there will be an open mic at Kennedy at 6 p.m. to honor Nees and his love for music. All are welcome.