Tony Fast


Tony Klein

Senior Anthony Klein (Tony Fast) has been writing songs since elementary school, when he wrote his first song ‘Roses’.

Anna Reinhart, News Editor

Senior Anthony Klein (Tony Fast) has always loved music, from listening to it all the time when he was young to now, having released an album, Tony Fast has grown from a fan to a creator.

“I never really thought of making my own music until I got into Pro Era’s music,” Klein said. “And then I realized that they were in high school when they first started so I decided to give it a shot, so now I’m just having fun with it.”

Klein’s plan is simple, take it as far as he can. He wants to do great things in life and has always had big dreams, which is part of the reason he decided to try out rapping in high school.

In his most recent album “Monsters Love the Dark”, Klein tackles rapping about some emotions that he deals with in real life. In his concept, monsters are dark thoughts like depression and loneliness and they occupy a forest which is his mind. This album goes into how he deals with emotions and has songs that range from discussing anger to his feelings of depression.

“Making music is sometimes like therapy for me, and this album was pretty personal,” Klein said. “My next project I want to have a lot more fun with.” Klein plans to release another album that is more laid back that people might enjoy more.

Klein also has lots of things he’s working on, including a project dropping around Winter Break, and a new single dropping soon. He’s messed around with a few different vibes in previous songs that brings a level of anticipation to his work.

“Each song is different, like some I can have a draft done in 20 minutes, and sometimes I can just put on a beat and freestyle,” Klein said. “But some songs have taken weeks or even months to get them the way I want.”

For his senior year, Klein wants to get better at what he does, and wants to thank his friends Lamin and Grant for being there through his creative journey. He has hopes for the future but it currently just having fun with rapping and wants to see what he can do with it.

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