Camping for a Cause


Jason Kline

Students at Kennedy high school preparing to spend the night outside at a previous homeless night.

A yearly tradition at Kennedy High School when October comes around is Homeless Night. Homelessness in Iowa, though lower than other states, is still a relevant issue that impacts many.

This year, Homeless Night is on Oct. 26, and costs $15 for regular admission and $20 for admission and a tee-shirt. The event starts at 9 p.m. Friday evening and ends at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. All the money made from the event goes to the local homeless shelter.

Although Homeless Night is a fun event in which friends can hang out in their makeshift homes and boxes, the real purpose of the event is to allow students to get a real look at what homeless people live through every day. Giving the students the opportunity to really walk a mile in someone else’s shoes gives them a new outlook on the situation as a whole.

“Homeless Night made me more aware of the issue when I got to experience part of what it’s like to be homeless,” Maddie Fitzgerald, so., said.

Homeless night is a great way to help out the community in a fun way. It gives students a different point of view and can inspire change, so bear the cold October winds and help the homeless citizens of Cedar Rapids.