The Best and the Worst: Homecoming Dinner


A meal option at Gumption in Cedar Rapids.

As homecoming draws near, many students face the same question every year; “Where do you want to eat?” In Cedar Rapids, there are a variety of places to dine at, and picking the perfect place to eat can be very difficult. This compilation of mini-reviews may help clear the air in deciding where is the best place to treat your date.

Granite City

Granite City Food and Brewery is a popular choice for the annual homecoming dinner. Many students enjoy dining there because of their planning and preparation skills.

“They were prepared for us and the homecoming rush unlike some places I’ve been to on homecoming night,” Brenden Groth, so., said.

The atmosphere at Granite City was very relaxed, and made students feel as if they were just hanging out with each other.

“[It was] very welcoming and nice, and made us feel right at home,” Groth said.

 Granite City is located at 4755 1st Ave SE.


Cheddars is another favorable choice for homecoming dinners, because of its vast number of dishes they can prepare.

One of the best parts about Cheddars is their phenomenal customer service.

“[The staff was] more than welcoming to us and were very polite,” Sydney Maxa, jr., said.

They were also not too busy, which made it favorable to the customers who were trying to get seated.

“The wait was not long at all, and they were easy to seat us,” Maxa said. “We didn’t have to make a reservation, but we called a bit ahead to warn them of our group.”

Cheddars is located on 161 Collins Rd in Cedar Rapids.


Market Grille

A lesser known place to dine for homecoming is Market Grille at Hyvee. Because not many typically dine at Hyvee, the wait wasn’t long, but there were many downfalls regarding the quality of the restaurant.

“The food was not good, but the portion sizes were,” Addie Parker, so., said. “It was really expensive for what it was.”

The scenery also wasn’t the greatest, not being as classy as homecoming typically is.

“The mood was lots of old people, and it wasn’t fancy,” Parker said.

There are many Market Grilles located in Cedar Rapids, one of which is on 6613 Edgewood Rd NE.