South Lot Traffic Jam


Mackenzie Joseph

View of the south parking lot after school.

School started for Kennedy students on Aug. 23 we are already facing a difficult task that affects almost everyone; students, teachers, parents, and many others. The South lot traffic has been getting worse and worse as the numbers of incoming classes keep growing. Kennedy high school gives out free, unlimited south lot parking passes each year to junior and seniors only. This hasn’t been a huge problem in the past, but as the numbers increase in students, so do the passes.

“I know for a fact we’ve sold way more passes than we have parking spaces,” Kim Muench, the attendance secretary, said.

She then looked it up and found we have sold ­­­­420 passes just for the south lot.

“I know I should leave early in the morning to get a spot. After school, on a good day it’ll take around 10 minutes to leave,” Trinity Wiley, jr., said. “Juniors and seniors only!”

The south lot is already restricted to juniors and seniors only, but there are times when a sophomore or freshman sneak in and get away with it.

“One day I got here at, 7:45 a.m. because the south lot was full, so I had to park at Fallbrooke Dr, and ended up being late to class,” Kaitlyn Goldsberry, jr., said, explaining her late experience.

The lot is so full that some people park in the Kirkwood Student Driver spot, forcing them to park somewhere else.

While the number of students are growing, some people are considered if we should keep giving out unlimited passes.

“If we keep on giving out unlimited passes, we should expand the lot,” Goldsberry said. “And discipline the people that abuse the lot or don’t belong there, better than we already do.”