Charlie Haefner, Student Government President of 2018-2019


Olivia Haefner

Kennedy student Government officers 2018-2019 school year. top left Noah Gleode, Charles Haefner, Louie Ervin. Bottom right Kia Johnson, Rylee Ervin, Lauryn Vaske.

The Student Government President is voted in by the whole of the student body. They must plan activities and budgets, show school spirit and volunteer throughout the school and community.

On the last week of April, the student body chose between two candidates with Charlie Haefner, jr. having the greater number of votes and being the winner.

Haefner is in his third year of Student Government, and started during the second semester of his freshman year.

“I joined Student Government because I enjoy volunteering,” Haefner said.

Haefner has developed many fond memories from various Student Government activities over the years.

“My favorite memory of Student Government is from last year when I dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the staff Easter Party,” Haefner said.

After high school, Haefner hopes to pursue joining the Military, specifically in the Navy.

“I’ve always wanted to serve something higher than myself,” Haefner said.

In the recent past, Student Government has purchased new sound systems and a drinking fountain for the upstairs hallway. Haefner plans to continue doing this.

He hopes to expand Student Government’s service by communicating more with Outreach Centers. Along with that, there will be fundraisers for school dances the will promoting of school spirit.

“Join the class,” Haefner said. “It’s for a good purpose, and you’ll have a great time.”