Different Perspectives on World Language Finals

Finals are approaching as the school year comes to an end. Teachers are busy deciding how to best test students over their knowledge of what they’ve learned from the year.

French teacher Amanda Crowe is planning a final for her third-year students which involves a Canvas discussion on a current event. To further challenge her students, Crowe added a rapid fire round, where students answer general questions in front of the class.

“I’m doing this to help them develop oral skills and communicate with people fluently in French,” Crowe said.

Generally, the students are tested in the form of a lengthy assessment and students must cram in a ton of studying within the last few weeks. This however, is not the case for world language courses.

World languages available at Kennedy include Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German. Students take these languages for a minimum of two years learning vocabulary, oratory skills, writing, and culture.

Sophomore Levi Sullivan takes Chinese 2 and has a different opinion on world languages. She claims that they can be harder than test taking finals.

“I’d rather just take a test for my final like all my other classes. Orals for finals in Chinese are what I am bad at and that doesn’t help my grade,” Sullivan said.

Some students like Zachary Stallman, so., express a positive view on what they are expected to do for these special finals. He thinks that it can be very helpful to know when travelling or communicating with someone.

“Knowing a language and being able to talk with someone in a different language is beneficial and cool,” Stallman said. “Speaking finals, and presentations help us do this making it fun and easier than tests.”