Senior Goodbye: Leeanne Mehring-Cruz

Leeanne Mehring-Cruz, Feature Editor

As I walk across the stage and turn to look at my classmates and the crowd, I am sure I will start reminiscing. I can’t say that I will miss Kennedy High School in general, but certainly parts of it and I am excited to move forward with my life. I am thankful for the teachers who believed in me, gave me extra help when I needed it, and didn’t give up on me. The things I will miss the most are school dances, art classes, and Torch.

Torch has shaped me into a new person. I was shy and timid, but now I am able to speak my mind. I have grown into a stronger writer and a voice as an individual. I have made new friends and it has been fun staying late working on pages. Torch can be stressful trying to meet deadlines, but it has been worthwhile. You will make mistakes in high school whether it’s grades or personal choices, but just keep pushing through and correcting them.

As my final goodbye, my piece of advice is not to dwell on things and it’s okay to leave things behind because you will receive greater things.