Senior Goodbye: Hannah Ratzer

Looking back on my time at Kennedy


Senior Hannah Ratzer

Hannah Ratzer, Arts and Culture Editor

While I’m spent many moments at Kennedy, here are some of my favorites from my four years.

Freshmen Year: Running Cross Country Starting XC the summer before my freshman year introduced me to the best people and gave me friendships that have lasted all of high school.

Sophomore Year: Going to State Track Qualifying for State Track with my 4×8 relay team is one of my proudest moments of high school and spending the weekend in Des Moines was so much fun.

Junior Year: Starting Torch Writing for the Torch has allowed me to express myself and represent my school in a positive and impactful way, and because of that, has been one of my favorite parts of high school.

Senior Year: AP Statistics I look forward to Stats everyday and I’m so glad I decided to take the class at the last minute. I’ll always remember all the laughs.