Q&A with the 2018 Prom King and Queen

Ashby Renner and Raymond Koch


Seniors Raymond Koch and Ashby Renner after becoming the 2018 Prom King and Queen.

Olivia Haefner, Co Editor-in-chief

  • What is one of your favorite moments at Kennedy?

Ray: “My favorite memory was last year in Happiness just meeting all the people and making new friends. I really enjoyed this year.”

Ashby: “There are so many, but probably being a part of Happiness and being able to go to Nashville for nationals.”

  • How would you describe the people at Kennedy?

Ray: “I would say overall a lot of people here are great there’s not too many mean people, but there are some.”

Ashby: “I agree I think a lot of us are super supportive of each other and what we do.”

  • In what ways has Kennedy impacted your senior year?

Ray: “I feel like Kennedy has so many opportunities that you can do, and it helps you as a person. Kennedy makes you a more diverse.”

Ashby: “I feel like senior year has opened my eyes to new opportunities and I’ve definitely made new and better friends this year. Out of all the years, senior year has been the best out of all the four years.”

  • Describe your favorite memory at Kennedy.

Ray: “My favorite memory was going to Orlando Florida for our choir trip last year that was pretty cool that we got to do that.”

Ashby: “I’d say going to Nashville that was really fun and it was just really cool to be able to perform on the Grand Ole Opry.”

  • What is something Kennedy has taught you?

Ray: “Not to be narrow minded and accept all types of people because over the four years I’ve considered myself as one person, but with all the activities I’ve done they opened my horizons.”

Ashby: “It has taught me to be who I am not to be afraid of that, to be able to support others and who they are and what they like to do.”

  • How did it feel to win Prom King and Queen and why?

Ray: “Pretty Great, When I heard couples get the chance to be prom queen and king I thought yes! I have a shot because otherwise I never thought that me personally would be able to get that opportunity.”

Ashby: “I was definitely shocked because never in my life would I suspect that I would even be nominated to be a Queen and it was really cool. I would never suspect people would notice me because I’m only nice so.”

  • Who is your favorite teacher at Kennedy and why?

Ray: “I like Storm Ziegler the choir teacher I think he’s a really great guy and he understands kids. He says it how it is and doesn’t try to fluff it up.”

Ashby: “Ziegler, Coach White, and Mr. Hynek they have all taught me real things about life that I’ll need in the future not just the subject they teach and that’s really cool.”

  • What are your plans after high school and why?

Ray: “I’m going to Iowa State for mechanical engineering and I’ve just always liked building things and designing things to make things better or make a difference.”

Ashby: “My plan is to go to Kirkwood for the first two years and then transferring to Iowa State for elementary school Education. I’ve always enjoyed being with children and I think its really cool being able to impact the future by teaching little kids.”

  • What is something you’ve been involved with at Kennedy that has impacted you and why?

Ray: “Show choir my freshman and sophomore year. I was very introverted, and I didn’t go out of my way to make myself known.  Now I don’t care what people think and I’m just myself.  I’m not afraid to be seen. Show choir also taught me to accept others because in there’s a lot of unique personality’s.”

Ashby: “I’ve been with show choir all four years of high school and its impacted me in a way where it has helped me come out of my shell and be more outgoing. This year I’ve been a dance captain, so I’ve got to experience leadership and that helps me to be a leader in other classes too.

  • Describe one of your funniest moments at Kennedy?

Ray: “Going into my junior year I tried out for Happiness and I put my grade down as a sophomore because I thought you were supposed to put your current grade. I was the only guy not to make it which was really awful but now I just laugh at it because I was so stupid.”

Ashby: “Freshman year one of my friends was laughing really really hard at lunch and she laughed so hard she threw up. So, we had to go to the janitor it was just so funny.”