All in Favor of Fortnite?


Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular games today. On school computers, the site is blocked by the school district, but students can still access the game on their cell phones.

Freshman Zoe Trumpold has had it with Fortnite.

“My boyfriend stopped talking to me because he was too busy playing Fortnite,” Trumpold said. “It ends relationships, so hey I’m single.”

Fortnite is a co-operational sandbox survival game, in which up to four players can play from their own controllers.

“The game is so addicting because it gives you a rush to make number one,” Jaylun Johnson, sr., said, adding that, “it has good hand-eye coordination.”

The story of the game is that about 98 percent of Earth’s population has vanished, and how zombie like creatures from violent storms arrive to finish off the remaining population. Survivors must try to return Earth to its normal state.

Players have their characters construct fortifications around defensive objects to protect them and they also go on missions to collect resources. Characters must create weapons to win in combat against the creatures, and can gain rewards from these missions to improve the characters and weaponry.

Freshman Jared Sacquitine-Darrington is all for the game. “It makes school easier because I know it will be there when I get home.”

Fortnite Battle Royale is the standalone mode of Fortnite, a fusion of the survival and exploration with last man standing play.

Students can play this on their cell phones now even at school, making it a possible distraction in the classroom.

“I’m open to students enjoying the game,” teacher Jan Jauhiainen said. “But if a person finds that the video game has control over you, and you don’t have control over it, then that is when I worry.”

About 45 million people play Fortnite and the reported monthly revenue Fortnite makes is $126 million. The Fortnite website shows that some people play up to six to eight hours a day, maybe even 10.