Weather Holds Back Girls’ Track

One meet left to qualify for Drake Relays


Anafer Millsap

Jurnee Rose-Johnson, sr., running in the third leg of the 4×200.

Hannah Ratzer, Arts and Culture Editor

“It’s been frustrating to have all the meets canceled and I know that everyone else is upset that they aren’t getting a chance to run,” Senior hurdler and sprinter Natalie McAllister said.

Due to the weather,  track meets being canceled for the Kennedy Women’s track team have become a weekly occurrence. So far the girls have only run one outdoor meet, as their second to last chance to qualify for the Drake Relays was postponed this last Saturday.

Now the girls only have one meet left to qualify for the relays, on April 19 at Iowa City High, to before the cutoff date that same day. To qualify for Drake, athletes have to run a top time out of all the girls in the state.

“Thursday is the last day,” Senior sprinter Jurnee Rose said, “I know me and some of the other girls feel like we’re practicing to not compete, but you’re really anxious to have a meet and then it’s just a disappointment to know that you’re not going to have an opportunity to qualify.”

The lack of meets has been frustrating and stressful overall.

“When we get our meets canceled, clearly everyone else does too, but you’re watching on Twitter and you’re watching other teams pick up meets while you’re still at practice practicing. We feel more behind than we should be,” Rose said.

Currently both Rose and McAllister are trying to qualify for the 4×100 meter relay. Qualifying is considered an honor and an achievement.

“You’re competing against the whole entire state. You’re competing against the best,” Rose said.

They both feel as if they have a good chance at qualifying.

“They take 80 teams and we’ve always been in the top 80. As long as we don’t go out and drop a baton the first time we run we should qualify pretty easily,” McAllister said.

Not only has the weather impacted the team’s chance of qualifying for Drake, it’s impacted the season overall.

“It’s frustrating to be inside all the time and there’s a lot of shin splints because of being inside. There’s also a lot of going outside when it’s really, really cold and having to run and your lungs hurt,” McAllister said.

With only one chance left, the team remains positive and hopeful for a shot at Drake.

“The cancellations are out of our control it’s what we can do in practice. We have to continue working hard and continue pushing ourselves and trying and not let it defeat us,” McAllister said, “I’m a little nervous, I hope we get a good time.”

“We all just want to go,” Rose said about qualifying.

If the weather cooperates, the team will be excited for their chance to qualify for Drake.

“I’m hoping that the weather holds up,” McAllister said.