Make Your Voices Heard

Kennedy students prepare to take a stand at the 10 a.m. walkout on Friday, April 20.


Order forms for the walkout shirts.

19 years will have passed since the Columbine Shooting on April 20. Since that day, there have been 25 fatal school shootings that have taken away numerous lives. Come April 20, many students of Kennedy High School will be walking out of school at 10 a.m., attempting to add to the efforts of others to spark a change in our nation.

“School shootings, lately, have been impacting schools more and more,” Andres Davila, sr., said. “If we don’t do anything to stop it, in will inevitably harm us too.”

The walkout is meant to bring attention to the pressing issue that students in America face every day when they come to school. Students refuse to have their voices and thoughts on gun control be ignored.

“A couple of weeks after a shooting, news outlets either talk about it very little or stop all together, so it’s good to continue the momentum by having a walkout,” Davila said. “We also want to influence Iowan representatives, because they take money from the NRA [National Rifle Association] and we need to let them know that not what the people want, because their job is to represent the people.”

Speakers of both students and adults will be present at the walkout to express their opinions on what needs to be done regarding gun control.

“There’s going to be mostly student speakers, because most of the attendees will be students, and we have one other speaker, Stacy Walker, a Linn County representative,” Taylor Harmer, sr., said.

Students who have taken part in planning the walkout include Andres Davila, Elise Williams, Taylor Harmer, and Madeline Kelley, and Hannah Fusselman. They designed and are selling T-shirts, and they are encouraging students to wear them at the walkout.

“They cost $4.50 to make and we’re selling them for $10, so for every shirt we sell we’re giving $5.50 back to the Parkland shooting victims’ medical expenses,” Davila said.

Some teachers are in support of students walking out and think that this student lead movement will really inspire a change.

“If students feel they need to take the situation into their own hands because they feel the adults aren’t doing their job, then I would completely support that movement,” French teacher, Jacqueline Hullaby said.