Mini Dance Marathon: Just Good Fun


Tate Weaver

Officer Charity Hansel hugging junior Jack Hoeger after a hard fought arm wrestling match.

“I want people to have fun while supporting a worthy cause,” Hailey Freeze, sr., Key Club officer said. The Mini Dance Marathon is just the way to do that.

On April 7, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. the Mini Dance Marathon will take place at Kennedy High School. Kennedy Key Club organizes the dance, and this year they have decided to partner with Jack Hoeger, jr., and his foundation I Know Jack. Through his foundation, Jack and his parents have built a full Ronald McDonald House, which gives families a place to stay while a family member is being treated in a hospital.

Working with the I Know Jack Foundation has allowed the Mini Dance Marathon to connect with students in a new way. “They have a really good cause, you know the people that it’s going towards,” Laura Shook, jr., and first-year Key Club member said.

“We thought that combining the two would be a great way to have more people at the dance,” Freeze said.

All the proceeds Key Club raises will be going to both the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and the I Know Jack foundation.

“What makes it really special is that it’s our own students so there’s a lot of motivation,” Shook said. She said Hoeger’s positive attitude and passion for helping kids with cancer is what makes this experience special.

Freeze and Shook, along with the rest of Key Club, have worked hard to organize not only the dance on Saturday evening but also events throughout the week prior, to continue to raise money.

“I hope to raise a lot of money because they are both great causes,” Shook said. Her personal goal is to raise up to $1,500.

On Monday, they will be selling ribbons in the foyer and throughout the week they will be selling T-shirts in the foyer after school. On Thursday, Hoeger will be arm wrestling to raise more money during SMART Time.

During the dance free custard will be provided, sponsored by Culver’s, a photo booth will be set up, and of course, there will be dancing with a DJ.

“It’s a really fun way to spend time with your friends while supporting both the I Know Jack Foundation and the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital,” Freeze said.

Freeze also said it was rewarding to see the ideas they have been coming up with all year being brought to life as the dance draws near.

“Jack being this excited is the most rewarding part,” Shook said. She urges everyone to attend the Mini Dance Marathon.

“It’s just a time to have good fun,” Shook said.

Tate Weaver
Senior Angel Franco arm wrestling junior Jack Hoeger during SMART Time on April 4.