The Donut Experiment: An Unforgettable Aroma


Donuts from the Donut Experiment , located at 5300 Fountains Drive in Cedar Rapids. Some favorite flavors are bacon with maple drizzle — which was so good, I’m not going to lie. And vanilla with graham cracker and chocolate with powered sugar are donuts to experiment with.

As you walk into the Donut Experiment, the smell of delicious cake donuts beings fried and smiling workers eager to take your order, are the first things that you experience.

The ordering system differs in this shop than any other. As you walk in, they have a rack of clipboards and paper with customizable options to order. The paper consists of the different type of toppings and flavored drizzles that you can put on your cake donut. There are over thirty different choices that you can choose from depending on what kind of donut is calling your name.

The waiting area and seating is small, but if you go into the shop later in the day, you have a better chance of getting a seat.

After you are done filling out the donut sheet, you wait for the workers to make your donuts. When I went in on Sunday, the wait wasn’t very long from the time that I went in, to turning in the sheet, to the time that I got my donuts. The aroma of the donuts was amazing. The donuts came out warm and well made.

The donut size is not overwhelming; it’s not too big or small. The workers do a really good job of creating a good topping to donut ratio, which is very important to some people. The toppings vary from crushed Oreo’s to M&M’s, to raspberry drizzle.

The Donut Experiment is a nice, small donut shop. The service was great, and the wait time wasn’t bad, but most importantly, the donuts were good quality and tasted fantastic! I would give them a four donut holes out of five. If you like cake donuts, then the Donut Experiment is the place for you.