Getting Out Early for Snow


snow after the storm

Josh Sheeley, Writer

Snow days are something that Iowan school students must deal with all the time in the winter months. Iowa City schools got delayed late in the night, around the time the super bowl was ending, way before the CRCSD delayed schools that day at around seven fifteen. Which brings up the question, why did the CRCSD wait until the morning to delay school and not last night like Iowa City?

Principal Jason Kline had this to say about the decision, “I don’t make the decision. That comes from the district.”

Clearly, the district wanted to wait on making their decision. Whether letting everyone know early or just waiting until the morning doesn’t make a difference because everyone gets the information that they need to know.

There’s no question to say that most kids love a snow day, hanging out with friends, sleeping in, and no school to worry about. That can become a problem when the district needs to keep canceling school because of snow. Winter here in Iowa hasn’t been bad till late. Recently, Cedar Rapids has been getting hit with tons of snow and it is influencing the days we are in school.

The district gives the schools five built in school days, or a minimum of 1,080 hours we must be in school, and Kennedy has already used a ton of those hours. We only have a couple of hours until we start going into summer to make up school. On the other hand, the seniors will be cheering on the snow because they don’t have to make up any snow days.

However, if we keep getting snow and go into our summer vacation to make up the snow days, that can have an effect on some of the students. Some students may have a job the day after school ends, or some may be going on vacation with family, or some may have summer camps that they attend, and they don’t want to miss any of it. Whatever your case may be, nobody wants to stay in school when they should be on summer vacation. So for everyone that loves summer, we will be wanting the sun to shine and the snow to melt.