Should Students Get Credits for Sports and Clubs?


It is well known that students receive high school credits for the required courses and electives they take every year. However, students do not receive credits for the sports and activities they do outside of school.

Sophomore Joey McAllister, is involved in track at Kennedy and has to juggle practices and school work during track season.

“I like track and its challenging, but it doesn’t bother me that we don’t get the credits,” McAllister said.

The requirement at Kennedy is to earn a minimum of 10 credits each year, and graduate with a minimum of 40 credits. Students who fail to meet the requirement don’t graduate.

“I would have students earn the credits for their classes than for sports or clubs,” Language Arts 10 teacher and girls’ freshman basketball coach, Ms. Bova said. “They are activities, rather than subjects.”

Not everyone is in favor of this stance.

“For spring, I play soccer because it helps me build endurance,”  sophomore Miguel Peña said. “I know that we don’t get credits for sports but it would be nice for a change.”

Students learn the importance of activities as well as academics because apart from your career, you can grow by learning life skills.

Senior Tate Weaver is involved in cross country, swimming, and track, and is the president of Key Club here at Kennedy. With all the activities he is involved in, they provide him with a learning experience.

“As a member of Key Club, you learn how to prepare for fundraisers, help the community, how to be a leader, and help people,” Weaver said. “Sports are fun and help you get in shape and be healthier.”

He didn’t agree with sports and clubs getting the credits though.

“If sports and clubs were given credits, than more people would do it, but wouldn’t be as passionate,” Weaver said.

As beneficial and great clubs and sports are, they aren’t academic and in the end it is mostly academics that determine what college you will go to, or what career path you choose, which is most likely why students receive credit for those courses only.