Choices for the Future


Jason Kline

Mr. Hayes talking to students during the registration cruise.

Almost four months of school remaining and in less than one week, starting on Feb. 1, registration for next year’s classes will open. A sometimes difficult and stressful time, the choices students make now can have an impact on their future.

Many resources are available which aim to aid students in the process of choosing courses for next year, including the “Kennedy Exploration Cruise,” which was held during homeroom time on Thursday, Jan. 25, and Monday, Jan. 29.

The main goal of the cruise is to help students become familiar with a course before signing up for it, getting to know the workload, information taught throughout the year, and at least one of the teachers they may have. All of which students find helpful when making these decisions.

Following the end of the cruise, students will have a two-day window to gather recommendations from current teachers, addressing future goals and past experiences that may factor into finding the courses which would be the most beneficial.

The impact of choices on students’ future is huge…In part, this is why we have the requirements we have and why students in their junior and senior year have some flexibility to take more elective-type courses that will prepare them for their future college or career,” counselor Elizabeth Wessels said. 

Many components are included when it comes to picking courses with the focus on finding the most beneficial classes overall.

For Wessels, it isn’t difficult to see that some of these are often overlooked. Current interests, strengths in certain academic areas, time management skills, plans for after high school, and of course graduation requirements all should play a part in the decision process.

One thing that is important to remember, is that although it is good to put effort into these decisions options to change your classes still exist.

Your whole future does not depend on whether you take one regular class versus an AP one, but taking into consideration more than just what sounds easy or impressive is important