‘Overwatch’ a good game

Mat WorthingtonBarnes, Writer

I am sure if you are a gamer you have heard of Overwatch, one of the hot new games that almost everyone in the world is playing.

This game has a lot of good qualities, though like everything has some bad parts. This game is a multiplayer only based game, so you don’t get to have a solo story game type (which most people don’t like anyway) and this means a lot of the time you may get some bad lag spikes.

Overwatch has already won two Game of the Year awards, For a game that has been out for only about a year and a half, that is just impressive. In gaming, the Game of the Year Award is equivalent of winning an Oscar.

Now let’s get into the gameplay. The game will start you out with a tutorial to get you used to the movement of a single hero named Solider 76. This is just to help you learn to move and know how to use your ultimate and abilities, along with aiming and how to shoot. Once you finish the tutorial it is up to you to learn how to play other heroes.

Once you find a game, it will go crazy really fast. This is one of those types of games that can be really slow or be so fast that you find yourself asking “Wait, what just happened?” You will be put on a game team with five other people against six enemy players. During the game there is no good or evil, just two teams fighting each other. Different heroes will have different play styles, depending on how you play them.

One of my favorite heroes is Reaper. Reaper is in the offense. Heroes are divided into four groups: offense, defense, tank, and healer. Reaper is a close quarter’s tank buster hero and he is what you use to kill the guys with over 400 health points. He is a hero meant for people who know good-ability timing along with good game sense, knowing when to use his ultimate.

You don’t have to play offense class heroes when you attack, or play the defense class heroes when you defend. Teams should have one from each class, but it is rare to see anyone know what they are doing with that hero. The game does offer chances to get skins for heroes which will change the way they look. A downside is that most of the time people will spend hundreds of dollars on lootboxes, specially during events.

The biggest problem in Overwatch is that people always think that they are better that everyone else: it’s never their fault when they loose, it’s the team’s fault. I really hate those players. Luckily, there are two things you can do (or both) if there is a player on your nerves. One thing you can do is to mute them and block their chat spam so you don’t have to listen to them. Or, you can report the account and if it is reported enough they will be banned from Overwatch.

Overall, the game is great and fun to play. You will meet all kinds of people from around the world. It is kind of relaxing and highly stressful at the same time.

I hope to see some of you in there.

For more information about the company and game, go here: Overwatch. For a description and also rating of the game, go here: Common Sense media.