Students dig in with Thanksgiving Break

Mary Shaine Devaras, Writer

Thanksgiving Break starts on Wednesday, Nov. 22 and classes resume Monday, Nov. 27.

“Thanksgiving is a very important holiday because it’s about surrounding yourself with the people you love,” Grace Stammeyer, jr., said.

Thanksgiving break is a time when many travel places to can spend time with friends and family.

“Thanksgiving break is a good time to catch up with family and friends you haven’t hung out with in a while,” Kiley Elliff, jr., said. She plans on spending time with some of her friends that go to a different school.

Stsammeyer says that a piece of advice she would give friends for spending time over break is to “be with family a lot” and to “make sure to tell them that you are thankful for them.”

Here are a few additional ideas during Thanksgiving Break:

  • Go Black Friday shopping
  • Go to restaurants with family, “I highly recommend going to Olive Garden with your family, it is a great place to eat,” Stammeyer said.
  • Try different Thanksgiving recipes
  • Go to the movies, “My friends and I would usually go to Wehrenberg theater when we plan on hanging out,” Elliff said.
  • Help prepare food for Thanksgiving Day.
  • Play board games with family and friends. “After having a good Thanksgiving dinner, my family and I would play board games,” Stammeyer said.