The Moonlit Market


Katie Jensen

Sophomores Hannah Wieland, Katie Jensen, Olivia Damico, Alexis McQuistion, and Rose Svatek pose for a photo at Greene Square Park.

With over 100 vendors and various live music, downtown Cedar Rapids is a busy place to be on Aug. 26th, the night of “Market After Dark.”

“There were a lot of people everywhere you went,” Alexis McQuiston, so., said. “There were mostly adults and teens, but I didn’t see a lot of young kids there.”

The annual Market After Dark began the summer of 2015 and has even more vendors than the morning Farmer’s Market.

“The Market After Dark definitely has more dining options,” Katie Jensen, so., said. “A lot of stands were selling food that could be eaten on the spot and restaurants like Need Pizza were open.”

Since it is a nighttime farmer’s market, more performances and music is added to the agenda along with vendors that are more suited for the night.

“My favorite part was a combination of the live music and all of the unique stands not at the morning farmer’s market,” Jensen said.

The Market gives high schoolers and people of all ages a great opportunity to spend a summer night in downtown Cedar Rapids.

“I had a fun night out with friends and it’s good to do different things in Cedar Rapids,” Cassie Hansen, jr., said.

There are plenty of things you can do if you attend Market After Dark next year.

“We walked around and looked at all of the little stands that were selling different foods and knickknacks,” McQuiston said. “We also took pictures with friends and of our food, and just talked to people we ran into that we knew.”

Unfortunately for those that attended that Saturday, the weather put some rain on their parade towards the end of the evening.

“It had a variety of stands and entertainment for all ages,” Jensen said. “I was never bored and was bummed out when it started to rain and I had to leave.”

Even better things are to come for the fourth year of Market After Dark in 2018.

“I will definitely be going next year, I always enjoy going in the mornings and going at night is just as fun,” Hansen said.