Ideas for Getting Through Finals

“Finals” are often days every high school student struggles with, so here are a few ways to get through them.


Trinity Wiley

Teacher Bob Young works with Aleigha Thompson, fr., on the Earth Science final review packet. Finals are Thursday and Friday for Kennedy students.

The most dreaded time of the year is approaching…finals. The testing begins Thursday for Kennedy students.

How do you even study?

Brooklynn Studt, fr., says she struggles with, “getting to the point where I study.”

Finding a good study technique can be hard and very stressful, everyone is different. For example, Studt typically uses note cards to challenge her brain.

If you’re a person who has a hard time studying and remembering content, study before you go to bed. When you’re asleep, the brain strengthens new memories, but DO NOT bring any sort of school work into bed with you, it’s unhealthy.

Common mistakes made in studying are things like being disorganized and not knowing what to do.

“Studying is a skill,” science teacher Bob Young said. “What works for one person may not work for someone else.”

Young explains that, “too many times people will just read through the list, they convince themselves that they know something when they don’t.”

If a student can’t explain the topic, then the student likely doesn’t really understand it. This is where a study group can come into play- ask other students questions and then explain your own answer to the questions.

Exam anxiety can also be a big obstacle in preparing for and taking an exam.

“Everybody gets nervous,” Young said. “Is it productive nervous or debilitating nervous?”

He encourages students to think about why they feel nervous. Is it because the student is not prepared? Or didn’t yet study? Or is it because the student cares how well he or she will do?

Anxiety can be difficult to overcome, especially in teens. The most important factor in reducing exam anxiety is getting enough sleep. Teens should be getting an average of eight to nine hours of sleep every night. Teens who sleep fewer than eight hours a night are more likely to be irritable, angry, nervous or anxious,depressed/sad or overwhelmed.

Best advice for finals? Be confident and prepared going into those exams.