Senior Editorial: Madeline Jamrok


Madeline Jamrok, Photo Editor

Although I have been ready to graduate high school since my sophomore year, I am glad I didn’t because, my junior year was when I joined Torch and it has positively impacted my life in so many ways. Torch has connected me with some lifelong friends, enhanced my learning and encouraged me to reach out to people in the community. My experience with the Torch has been incredible and I will never forget the time when Brooke, Taylor, Nathan, Jake and I came in late one night to edit papers and we couldn’t stop laughing about the YouTube videos Brooke was showing us — totally not on task.

In addition to Torch, I have been heavily involved with student government and served as the secretary this year. One of my favorite service projects I will always remember was shopping for families in need around Christmas time. Gabbie, Jordan, Julia, Kendal and I shopped for two families this year and not only was it fun to buy presents but the best part of the service was the look on the children’s’ faces when they received the gifts. Those special moments with my fellow officers will stay with me forever.

The last memory I want to reflect on is my involvement with the dance team. Starting high school as a freshman I knew I wanted to be a part of the dance team. After four years on the team I realized my teammates and coaches helped mold me into the person I am today. I am thankful for the performance opportunities and fun times I had on the dance team. I will never forget scoring second place at the State competition this year. This accomplishment was so rewarding because as seniors we had been together since 2013. Jade, Kerrigan, Brooke, Macy, Maryn, Julia and Mackenzie all played a major role in preparing the team for the future and I acknowledge them for their commitment and love for the dance program at Kennedy.

Now it is time to graduate from high school, walk across the stage with diploma in hand and begin my next adventure at Iowa State University. As I become an alumni, I hope: the journalism program continues to enrich Kennedy High School through diverse, creative and informative media, the student government organization continues to serve the community and the dance team continues placing well at the State competition while having fun. The last four years at Kennedy have gone by quickly and there are many memories I will cherish. I am appreciative of all the opportunities I was granted. Thank you Kennedy for friendships, learning opportunities, exciting sporting events, and the free rein at SMART lunch. You have inspired me to be my best!