Tips for organizing your graduation party


Jenna Anderson, Opinion Editor

Already stressing about planning your graduation party? The class of 2017 has some tips for you.

Plan early. For most, senior year flies by so getting organized early is a huge help.

“It’s never too early to start planning. You don’t realize how much there actually is to plan and all the time you have to take into account to get it all done,” Whitmore said.

Choose a date that works best for your schedule.

“Try to pick a date early so that you can get started planning all the other stuff sooner,” Palmer said.

Coordinate with friends’ plans so attending their parties won’t be an issue.

“The hardest thing was picking a date and time that didn’t interfere with my friends’ parties and picking what type of food to have,” Palmer said.

Pick an easy and affordable location.

“My grad party is at my house, we had my brother’s grad party here and it went well and we didn’t want to spend money on a venue when we had a perfectly fine place to do it,” Whitmore said.

Get organized. Start writing down any ideas or plans soon.

“You could start making lists of people you want to invite early so that when it’s time to mail them you already have a list.”

Start decoration and color scheme searching this year.

“As you are going to the current seniors’ parties this year try to look for things you like and dislike so that you have an idea for next year,” Palmer said.

Begin planning as soon as possible, so you have less things to worry about when senior year comes to an end.

“The earlier you start the less stress you will have when it’s the month of prom, your last day of high school, graduation and your graduation party,” Whitmore said.