Students strive for Honor Roll

Mary Shaine Devaras, Writer

Being on the Honor Roll can be very important to students. It can matter when students start filling out college applications and, if going to college is the plan, working hard and being on the Honor Roll can help students achieve their goals.

“I agree that standard grades are great,” Emily Robinson, so. said, “but knowing that I want to go to college and have big dreams, getting good grades will help me get there.”

Working toward the Honor Roll can take a lot of effort for students. For example, when students are involved in a school activity, it could be difficult to catch up with homework. If students are absent from classes, they will need to check Canvas and talk to their teachers to keep up grades.

Robinson says it was sometimes “difficult” for her to get class grades up because she was involved in debate and needed to be absent from school to attend the tournament activities.

Robinson is inspired by her family to work really hard in school. “To be honest, it’s just kind of me and my family that wants to go above and beyond and push harder,” Robinson said. She tries her best to get good grades and stays after school or goes to Smart Time to get help from her teachers. She makes sure that her grades are good in every class.

Robinson advises students who want to achieve the Honor Roll to “know your teachers well, understand their policy, ask questions, and engage in class, so you understand the content.”

Adele Twing, fr. is involved in show choir and also works to get good grades and be recognized on the student Honor Roll. Twing said that she works hard to “make sure that I understand whatever concepts we’re learning about the day we learn it.” She took Earth Science and Algebra 1 in middle school and  wanted to take different classes in high school, so decided to register for a lot of electives.

Elise Woolison, jr., is inspired by her dad to get good grades. “I paid attention in class a lot, so I retained a lot of the information,” Woolison said. She said she struggled with some classes, but with her dad inspiring her to do great in school, she keeps trying her best and working hard.