Ivanka’s Trumps clothing line controversy

Olivia Haefner, Feature Editor

Since the election, has Ivanka Trump’s clothing line dwindled or prospered? This question is frequently asked by the many Americans watching the news.

Everyone’s talking about this never-ending controversy and how it started. When I first began writing this I wasn’t sure how this issue started or why, but after taking a closer look I began to understand what happened.

Let’s start out with the fact that her father is the President. Just think about that, your dad is the new President of the United States, you’d think your company should be at its highest point in your career. Yet there are stores dropping your line and your company being sued for having an “unfair advantage”. Some people may be saying things like, “You’re just using the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain and to promote at political events,” or others could say “Heck yeah I support her, now more than ever since Trumps president.” Either way there is conflict on both sides.

This makes me question, if ones success depends on political standings? I think it goes both ways. In a negative perspective Ivanka Company faces a lawsuit due to an “unfair advantage” along with retailers recently dropping or reducing her products, like Nordstrom, T.J. Maxx, and Marshals. On the other side, the Brands president, Abigail Klem said since the beginning of February the brand has had some of the best performing weeks in its history during an interview.

Along with President Trump tweeting support to his daughter and top trump advisor, Kellyanne Conway saying, “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff “on T.V. Having evidence on both sides makes it hard to tell if the brand has been a success or not. All I can conclude is the success rate of Ivanka Trump has been affected by the election, no doubt. Whether it’s because of support for the Trumps run or political outcry Ivanka’s company is in for a fight.

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