Beauty and the Beast (2017): Review


Photo provided by Anna Reinhart

Anna Reinhart, Profile Editor

The tale as old as time hits the big screen once again.

The classic story of Beauty and the Beast returns to theaters for the first time since 1991, and people of all ages all around the world have been anticipating it since Disney’s announcement of bringing the story back to life.

I loved almost every moment of the 2017 remake of the original masterpiece. A few details were left out and new information left unsaid in the original emerged. Details about Belle’s mother that were left out of the previous movie were a good addition to the new telling of the old tale.

Emma Watson remains true to nearly all of Belle’s original characteristics. Throughout the movie, Belle’s courage and determination were highlighted as well as her longing to flee her village.

Though the movie had a long running time of almost two and a half hours, every minute has you looking back to your childhood.

Arriving somewhat early to get good seats in a soon to be packed theater was entirely worth it.

It was impossible to keep my eyes off the iconic yellow dress as it moved and danced beautifully along with Belle and the Beast. The long process in choosing the right shade of yellow to the actual structure of the dress took a very long time. Many believe it was absolutely worthwhile, as the dress was perfect in all ways.

The revival of Beauty and the Beast is a must see that is truly an amazing retelling of an incredible tale.