Staff Editorial Issue 5

Thank you teachers

As the year stats to come to a close and seniors look back on their memories at Kennedy, we, as editors, would like to give a thank you to some teachers that we have had that made high school enjoyable by going the extra mile.

Thank you for creating these things that makes us want to come to school:

  • Waldschmidt Wednesday’s
  • Benedict’s Circle of Friends
  • Frivolous Fridays
  • Mallicoat’s Christmas Quiz
  • Stephens’ Fizzlympics
  • Haynes-Moore’s Pizza on send-in nights
  • Melone’s Food Fridays
  • Ferrante’s Monopoly
  • Howard’s Breakfest Club
  • Grady’s Ping Pong Table

Thank you to all of the teachers at Kennedy and elsewhere who endlessly pursue to better their students’ lives. We appreciate all of you and everything you do for us.