Staf Editorial Issue 2

Fighting Bias

Torch Editorial Board

The path to the 2016 Presidential Election has been one highlighted by insults, outsider campaigns that promise to shake up the establishment that so many Americans feel betrayed by, and a biased media dedicated to borderline libel, defamatory publications, and efforts to influence the election through attempting to alter the perceptions of millions of voters. The media has proven several times throughout this election cycle that its main priority is to further their political agenda and personal bias as they strive to alter the outcome in November. Through blatant ignorance of scandals and passive silence on hate-fueled remarks, the liberal media has systematically attempted to destroy an entire candidate’s campaign through deliberately dishonest reports and stories filled with political bias. The job of the media is to hold every candidate to the same standard, creating a level playing field and presenting all information as reliable and accurate to the American people. A Gallup poll taken in September showed hat only 32 percent of Americans trust the media. The Torch strives to present unbiased, accurate reports while adhering to fundamental ethical and legal principles. We are against the intentionally dishonest, politically-motivated, and biased reports and journalism practices of the mainstream media, making it public that we do not condone the furthering of political positions or liberal bias through a position of power, officially identify with the platforms of any candidate, or affiliate ourselves with a political institution or party. We serve the students and community of Kennedy High School, not our personal political preferences nor the positions of the corrupt mainstream media.


Sincerely, Torch Staff.