American Boy Doll

American Girl’s release of a new boy doll character by the name of Logan Everett marks a distinctive shift in the direction of the company.


Photo of American Girl’s new doll, Logan Everett. Photo provided by American Girl.

It’s a pretty big deal.

American Girl has been around since 1986, after creator Pleasant Rowland visited colonial Williamsburg and struggled to find a doll for her nieces. Since then, the American Girl company has been sold to Mattel, and have received the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award eight times.

But this is bigger.

Just a few weeks ago, the company announced the release of a new American Girl boy doll.

Yes, you read that right. After 31 years of doll-making, the company is premiering its first ever full size boy doll, named Logan Everett. He is the drummer in Tenney Grant’s (a new singer-songwriter doll the company just premiered) band.

“I think both little boys and girls will be interested. For girls it is the same concept as Barbie and Ken, now their American Girl doll can have an American boy doll to play with,” says Claire Phelps, sr. “For boys it should be the same concept as it is for girls, that children naturally would be interested in a toy that looks like them.”

As a former American Girl fanatic, I can attest to the impact that this company had on my childhood. I would bring my doll everywhere, change her clothes on the daily. Between my sister and I, there were five dolls, countless outfits, and even a couple American Girl pets. But it wasn’t the dolls that made a difference in my childhood as much as the stories they told, what they represented.

Each American Girl doll comes with a backstory, some life story that shows them overcoming a struggle. When American Girl first premiered, their massive popularity was based around the historical basis for their dolls, and the significance that came with introducing children to history at a young age. Logan is featured as a character in Tenney Grant’s book, but, as is typically the case, as a doll becomes more popular the stories are extended, meaning a full Logan book is not out of the question in the future.

Even looking at reviews on the American Girl products, the doll has received many positive comments, with multiple reviewers already commenting on how much both their daughters and sons really love the doll. The addition of a new gender seems to be a step in the right direction for American Girl to increase representation in their product line.

“I think it’s cool that they realized that there is this whole other side of things,” says Kourtney Holzer, sr. “They figured out that they were neglecting another huge part of the industry. It really  shows kids that you can have a doll, that it doesn’t matter.”