Transition to high school

Freshmen registration underway, orientation Feb. 2


Incoming freshmen exploring opportunities. Photo provided by Jason Kline.

Upcoming freshmen from all over the district are preparing for their transition from middle school to the halls of Kennedy High School.

Kennedy just hosted their freshmen orientation Feb. 2, and registration for next year’s classes is underway.

Principal Jason Kline offered advice to the soon-to-be freshmen about the opportunities that high school might bring.

“Everybody leaves middle school in the same boat,” Kline said, “but not everybody leaves high school in the same boat.”

Students on the verge of becoming a Kennedy freshmen are trying take in the new environment of high school, attending an evening orientation to talk with student members of school clubs and activities, and going around to meet and talk with teachers.

Cael Knox, 8th grader at Franklin, will attend Kennedy next year.

“I think everybody’s nervous and we just need to adjust to it,” Knox said.

Alongside the transition from middle school to high school, Kennedy offers many new experiences, people to meet, and activities to get involved in.

Alivia Nesbitt,  8th grader at Harding, looks forward to attending Kennedy next year.

“I’m excited to see all my friends, attend games, and meet new people,” Nesbitt said.

Incoming students are reminded that all four years matter in the end and it’s important to have a good work ethic in high school.

“Do your homework, study for your tests, and go to tutorials,” Kline said.

The teachers at Kennedy provide help for the students in a fun and effective way to make students successful.

“I’m already taking a language class here,” Knox said.  “It already seems fun and if all the classes are like my language course, then I’m really excited for the next four years.”