Political Ignorance

Jenna Anderson, Opinion Editor

Our society today has willingly become ignorant and uneducated when faced with politics. It has come to the point where uninformed people chose to not even vote at all. This is a problem. We need each and every person’s vote and opinion.

It’s simple really. We all choose whether or not we want to be educated when it comes to politics. We should be watching the news, watching the debates, and not be scared to actually have our own thoughts and beliefs.

According to a survey conducted in 2014 only about 36 percent of Americans could list the three branches of government. I mean seriously, I learned that in fifth grade. We cannot expect voters to be knowledgeable about the political candidates, if people don’t know basic information about the government.

Many of high school students get a fair amount of presidential election news from social media, such as Twitter. Unfortunately, the media has a way of twisting reality. When we see the people we follow engaging in tweets about politics, it leads us to start agreeing with what they think.

According to the Millennial Impact Project arranged by the Achieve research agency, 70 percent of the millennials they talked to said they feel more excited about doing things when their friends agree with it. So there’s really no question why a lot of high school students just go along with what our friends or family believe.

Regardless if you are old enough to vote or not, we need everyone to have their own individual opinion and become aware of political news.