The Reality of Snapchat

Olivia Haefner, Writer

As most people who have Snapchat know, the company has released new lenses making the app a little more interesting. The lenses are refreshed everyday giving people limitless opportunities to try new ones. Some examples of the more popular lenses are, the heart eyes, puking rainbow, aging filter, face swap and the dog.

“The lenses are cool because you can change your face and ugly people can change their faces too. You can be a dog or anything you’ve always wanted to be,” Kendal Runels, fr., said.

Many people find taking selfies in a more creative way attention grabbing. All you have to do is simply press and hold your finger on your face so it will be scanned and the lenses can best fit the form of your face. Then you can scroll through and choose whatever lenses you want depending on which ones are available that day.

“Now that the lenses have come out people use snapchat all the time,” Runels said.

The only problem with Snapchat becoming more popular is that the lenses can be over used. Certain lenses are more popular than others, making people dislike and be annoyed with them.

“More people are using it now but they shouldn’t be because it’s getting way to over used,” Ryker Person, fr., said.

These lenses are not only found on Snapchat, but also frequently found on Instagram and Twitter. The dog lens is among the more popular choices.

“My least favorite is the dog lens, people need to stop posting selfies with that one,” Runels said.

Along with the new lenses, Snapchat also has newer aspects like “Discover.” Discover brings daily video content from different providers like ESPN, CNN, and others. There is new content every 24 hours with fresh stories, videos and photos for you to see. People that use Snapchat have many different opinions on this newer asset.

“Discover should be deleted, no actually illegal for everyone’s sake,” Person said.

Despite some of the negatives, most people usually have a favorite thing about the app.

“My favorite part is that you can post stuff but it will only be there for 24 hours, so it’s like Instagram but your pics go away,” Runels said.

Some students here at Kennedy have their own ideas for new lenses on Snapchat.

“I think it’d be really cool to have a celebrity lens where you could be them for one day and then move on to another celebrity the next day,” Person said.