Friend Gives a Special Night


Brooke McNeal, Staff Writer

Aubree Langhurst, jr., and Ellie Grovert, sp., have been good friends since middle school. This year, Langhurst wanted to do something special for her friend that she would never forget. She will be asking Grovert to the WPA dance taking place on March 24th, 2016.

“I just think that she should be able to have the same experience as everybody else,” Langhurst said.

Langhurst will be asking Grovert to the dance with a Frozen themed sign that says “Ellie- Warm up your frozen toes to dance with me… WPA? –Aubree”. She will be asking her closer to the dance itself.

“I think Ellie will be really excited when I ask her because when I’ve done stuff for her in the past and it makes her smile,” Langhurst said.

As for dinner, Grovert gets to steal the spotlight.

“I’m down for where ever she wants to go. It’s not about me it’s about her, I’m trying to make the night special for her,” Langhurst said.

Langhurst will be allowing her guest to do whatever she wants to on her special night and just follow along with it. She has been planning this for a while and is very excited to ask Grovert.

“Ellie is an amazing person with a big heart and I’m glad I can do something like this to make her happy,” Langhurst said.