Four years, many changes

Four years, many changes

Macy Anderson, Photo Editor

Over the past four years, there have been many changes that I have watched happen and been a part of. I am leaving a Kennedy High School that is very different than the one I walked into. It has been interesting to be a part of a senior class that has seen countless changes and adapted to new things each year.

Goodbye Dr. W, hello Mr. Kline.
Dr. W was a legend, a principal that would be hard to compete with. She knew every kid’s name, even mine as a freshman. Mr. Kline had some huge shoes to fill, and I think he has done a tremendous job. He hasn’t tried to change the policies and way our school is run, and he tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. From his social media presence to his support for athletics and the fine arts, Mr. Kline has impressed me, and I think he will continue to do a great job as our principal.

Snow days mean making up hours, not days.
Long gone are the weeks full of two hour delays that kids wouldn’t have to make up in June. As much as I loved the extra time to sleep in, I can’t deny the fact that this change was for the better. Some weeks in February when a big storm rolled in we would have three two hour delays a week. That is an entire day of learning that students would miss out on, and six hours of curriculum that teachers would need to cut.

We have learned our ABC’s, now we are prepared for SMART lunch.
Oh SMART lunch, how you’ve changed my life.  Of course I enjoyed the Pizza Hut and Subway filled days of ABCD lunch, having an hour to eat and do homework has helped me greatly. As a student athlete, it has allowed for me to finish my schoolwork during lunch, and be able to focus on my games at night. Despite the students who take advantage of this extra hour to do useless things and cause trouble, I personally appreciate SMART lunch more than the average student. SMART lunch has been one of the best changes I have witnessed at Kennedy.

Out with trimesters, in with semesters.
As one of the last school districts still on trimesters last year, I was happy to hear that we were to switch to semesters for my senior year. Because most universities are on semesters, the transition next year should be easier after one year of semesters in high school. Although having finals with more content is a drag, I think the preparation to college is more important to me and will ultimately benefit my future.

So you’re welcome, Kennedy, that this senior class was the guinea pigs for several big changes. Although at times change can be hard, I wouldn’t have Kennedy High School be any other way.