Kennedy clubs impacting politics


Photo provided by Maia Bennett

Organizing events, phone bank training, making posters and fundraising are just a few things the students involved in political clubs at Kennedy are doing to impact the upcoming elections.

Kyle Scheer, sr., is a member of the Young Democrats Club. He enjoys seeing so many young people excited about the political process.

“My overall goal for the club is to help others gain awareness of how politics work and how students can make a difference in elections,” Scheer said.

Freshmenn Quinn Beatty, Cam Jones, and Eric Austin are involved in the Young Republicans Club.  They learned about abortion at Harding Middle School and were inspired to make a change.

“We want to get as many people in here as we can,” Beatty said. “I want to let people figure out their own views but not push my own opinions on them. The media and the rest of society do that enough.”

Khadidja Elkeurti, sr., is in the Young Democrats Club and High School Students for Bernie Sanders. She has been raising money and awareness for the Democratic Party. She volunteers at the Bernie Sanders campaign and goes door to door polling and asking for volunteers.

“I want younger people to realize they have a voice in government,” Elkeurti said.

Maia Bennett, sr., is the founder of the High School Students for Bernie Sanders club at Kennedy. She also volunteers at Sanders’ campaign office.

“It’s always been my passion and there needs to be people willing to make the change they want to see,” Bennett said.

Social Studies teacher Adrian Evans has lead the Young Democrats Club for two years and wants to raise awareness of politics and get students involved.

“I allow them to lead themselves,” Evans said. “They are in charge of everything. I’m just making sure things don’t get out of control.”

L.A. Teacher Michelle Frye leads the Students for Bernie Sanders club and History Teacher George Anderson leads the Young Republicans Club.

All clubs are accepting new members and would like as many people involved in politics as possible.

The Young Democrats meet A tutorial Mondays.  The Young Republicans meet on Tuesdays during B tutorial and Students for Bernie Sanders meet Thursdays in A tutorial.

Students can also follow The Young Republicans on twitter @JFK_Republicans, The Young Democrats @jfkdemocrats and Students for Bernie @HS4Bernie2016.