Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour review

Abby Donovan, Editorial Editor

14,000 Taylor Swift fans filled the Wells Fargo Arena on Oct. 8 to watch Taylor put on an amazing show as usual. The show began at 7:30 with a performance by Vance Joy, an Australian song writer and musician. His guitar playing and soft voice captured the crowds’ attention, playing the songs, Fire and the Flood, Rip Tide and even covering Sam Smith’s Stay with me.

At approximately 8:30 the stadium went black and Taylor came out on stage. The crowd lit up with wristbands’ that were on every single seat in the stadium. The bands corresponded with the show and lit up in every single song. The first song Taylor sang was “Welcome to New York”, having been to two other of Taylor’s concerts I knew the show would be outstanding. Taylor always has dramatic songs, meaning the performance at her concerts are going to be exceptional. The first concert I went to was the Speak Now tour, at that show Taylor sang her hit song Should’ve Said No, with water falling in the background saying the words of her song. At her Red tour which was her transition into the pop genre she sang “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together”, a song that hit number one multiple weeks in a row. This tour was no different, her 1989 World Tour featured a moving stage, back up dancers, a dress that lit up in every color, umbrellas with lights and a different set for each song.

After her transition into pop music she took some criticism, but that didn’t stop her. The sold out show was filled with people of all ages from little girls to grown men and women. Watching the concert and the people around me I realized how dedicated Taylor’s fans are to her and her music career. This concert marks her fifth time in Des Moines. “Ever since I started headlining my own tours, we always, always come to see you here in Des Moines, would you like to know why?” Swift said. “The reason is you’re so welcoming to us. You want us to feel like your home is the same as our home. You want us to feel like Des Moines is our home… thank you for always treating us like family.”

Not only did Taylor play songs from the album 1989, but she also picked up her guitar and sang “You Belong with Me” a song featured on her album Fearless. Taylor is always good about picking songs from her old albums, I think she does this because she wants her fans to know that she doesn’t regret her phase when her genre was based off country music.

Taylor ended her show with the song “Shake it Off’ one of the most popular of the 1989 album. She came out in a green dress and once again the wrist bands lit up the stadium resulting in an unbelievable view. I can tell you that every time Taylor Swift comes to Des Moines I will be at her concert, not because she puts on an amazing show, but because she doesn’t just care about herself, she cares about her fans and lets us have an impact on her music career.