Kennedy volleyball defeats Wahlert in three straight


The Cougar volleyball team’s away game at Dubuque Wahlert Catholic tonight ended with Kennedy winning in three straight sets.

Kennedy scored the first point of the night and was ahead the whole first set, winning it 25-15.

Wahlert took the first point of the second set, but Kennedy quickly took the lead and kept it, with Anna Fluent getting their 25th point for a 25-17 score.

Then came set three. The Cougars trailed behind for most of the set. After a lot of back and forth scoring, with the Eagles always a couple points ahead, Brinley Milbrath spiked to tie the score at 21. Then came point 22 by the Eagles. Then point 22 for Kennedy. Then point 23 for both teams. Then the Cougars got their 24th point and pulled ahead for the first time that set.

Tianna Drahn came up to serve for the match point, and the ball went back and forth a couple times before hitting the ground right at the edge of the court, up by the net on Kennedy’s side. It all came down to the referees’ call, and at first they gave the point to Wahlert, resulting in a 24-24 tie that would have forced the game to go into extra points. Then the referees reversed themselves, and the Cougars won a close third set 25-23.

“I think it’s just the confidence and the composure,” head coach Michelle Goodall said. “Wahlert’s a better team than they played in the first two sets, but I think the kids just stayed calm.”