Cougars’ first swim meet ends in victory

Xander Riley, Editor-in-Chief

A 144-41 victory was the result of the Kennedy Women’s Swim Team’s first meet Tuesday night against Iowa City High.

According to John Ross, the head coach, a lot of work went into that win.

“We did swim well Tuesday night,” Ross said. “The girls have been working hard-a lot of training, a lot of off-season training, so it shows.”

According to Ross, this year’s program includes 11 seniors on the varsity and JV teams.

“We’re at a point with the depth and quality of our team where I’m very fortunate to have a top-tier [team],” Ross said. “We have an amazing group of seniors, and their dedication to the team by being here and being consistent is a testament to the quality of their personality and their commitment to their teammates.”

The team’s next meet will be at Jefferson High School on Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 6  p.m.