Countries of culture


A group of eight students and four adults will have the chance to experience culture together on a trip to Italy and Greece this summer. The trip is an educational tour that begins on June 15. The entire trip, including everything except everyday lunches, will cost roughly $4200.

Jessica Bell, the head teacher going on the trip said that not a lot of work went into preparing for the trip.

“Basically fundraising, getting together every now and then to give some information on what to expect over there…pretty easy,” she said.

This will be Bell’s first time taking students on a trip like this, but she has traveled to Paris, France last year and Costa Rica when she was in high school herself.

“I’ve done a little bit of international travel,” Bell said.

One thing Bell is really looking forward to for this trip is seeing the students take everything in. “I just want to see the kids and see how excited they are to learn and see and try new things,” Bell said.b “Everybody should do it.”

Last year Cameron Currie, jr., got a pass from the counselor’s office saying that he had been recommended for this trip by two of his  teachers and there was a certain meeting he had to attend if he was interested.

“So that’s kind of how I encountered the fact that I was even allowed to go on this trip in the first place,” Currie said.

Greece and Italy have always been two favorite places Currie has wanted to go. “I’ve always been into Greek Mythology and I love Italian food so that just sounded like a good idea…it’s always been a dream vacation of mine,” Currie said.

Currie is most looking forward to the Coliseum and the other big major attractions that people go to see. He is also excited to learn more about all the Greek culture that he is very interested in.

Currie’s parents are paying about half the price for him to go and he will be paying the other half. Currie will be paying about $2000.

“I will be working a bunch and I already have a savings account for a big trip and/or a car if I was to buy a car, but luckily, I didn’t have to buy a car,” Currie added.

Though a lot of work and planning has gone into the trip, Currie is excited for it all. “There is going to be a lot to experience so I am really excited,” Currie said.