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A Star is Born Review: A Whirlwind of Emotions

Olivia Haefner, Co Editor-in-Chief November 27, 2018

A whirlwind of emotions is one way to describe the new movie "A Star is Born." What initially got me interested in this movie was the fact that Bradley Copper and Lady Gaga play the main roles. "I...

Left to right; Kaitlyn Goldsberry (11), Ashlenn Tanner (11), and Mathias Timmerman (11)

Stressed Out about GPA

Mackenzie Joseph, Writer November 14, 2018

When I see my GPA, my emotions start to twist, whether it’s a good or bad GPA, when I see the lower numbers my anxiety begins to spread. When I see a lower GPA, it brings me down and I start to get on...

Spanish class during a regular school day schedule.

A Day in a Teacher’s Life

Maddie Long, Writer November 12, 2018

Most students are quick to make assumptions about teachers. It could be the amount of homework they give, their teaching style, or something else. But there’s always something. However, do we really...

The swimmers and coaches at the MVC Sophomore Conference(October 20) pose for one last photo with Ivan before he leaves to coach at SIU. Photo by Allison Gardner.

A Bittersweet Change

Taylor Matta, Writer November 8, 2018

Imagine: your father, who raised, cared for, and stuck with you through everything life has thrown at you, calls the whole family together for a meeting. Once everyone arrives, he announces that he will...

The stuff you put online is there forever, so be careful, and always be kind on social media.

Social Media Madness

Alyssa Friedley, Writer November 2, 2018

How often do you find yourself using filters or edited your pictures before posting them on social media? Social media apps are causing people to dislike themselves and become focused on how they look....

Sophomore Jami Martin-Trainor using the app Snapchat during class.

Say “See Ya” to Social Interactions

Alyssa Friedley, Writer October 13, 2018

Who would have thought a single small buzz from a five-inch box would send teens running to look at what’s popped on their screen? Smartphones have changed the way we communicate today, but is our youth...

Lock screen of Lara Jean and Peter in the film.

Laugh and Fall in Love with Lara Jean

Jami Martin-Trainor, Writer October 4, 2018

If you’re a teenager in America with Netflix, you’ve probably at least heard of the new Netflix film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. At the end summer this rom-com was released and took the world...

Pink Tax

Pink Tax

Haylee Brewer, Writer September 28, 2018

A phenomenon often attributed as a form of gender-based price discrimination is Pink Tax. The name comes from the observation that many of the affected products are pink. An article by Gabby Epstein,...

Kennedy students shout during one of the cheers.

Surviving the Unfamiliar Cougar Den

Alyssa Friedley, Writer September 24, 2018

Being a freshman at Kennedy High School means being trampled in the hallway and not getting credit for winning the spirit stick. Freshman year is full of new people and new beginnings. To get through the...

Kennedy students in Mr. Evans' sixth period AP United States Government class huddle in the corner of his room during the 'Hide' lock down drill that occurred on Aug. 28.

Run Hide Fight?

Anna Reinhart September 14, 2018

It struck schools like a bolt of lightening. Due to the gradual rise in school shootings and the spike in media coverage of them, schools across the country have taken a look at their safety protocols...

Netflix's official poster for Insatiable.

Is it Really Insatiable?

Jami Martin-Trainor, Writer August 29, 2018

When Netflix posted the first trailer for their new show Insatiable, the Internet was mad. Teens and adults across the United States thought that the show would bring negative consequences regarding mental...

Senior Goodbye: Leeanne Mehring-Cruz

Senior Goodbye: Leeanne Mehring-Cruz

Leeanne Mehring-Cruz, Feature Editor May 31, 2018

As I walk across the stage and turn to look at my classmates and the crowd, I am sure I will start reminiscing. I can’t say that I will miss Kennedy High School in general, but certainly parts of it...

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