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Junior Addison Swartzendruber runs the 400 Meter Dash at Kingston Stadium.

2023 State Track and Field Begins With 31 Kennedy Athletes

Kennedy Track and Field sends another round of athletes to the state competition beginning on May 18.

May 17, 2023





Chauncey Bodden (SO):

Boys 100 Meter Dash – 11.44 (23)


Cyrus Courtney (JR):

Boys 200 Meter Dash – 22.74 (18)

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles -15.27 (16)


Tre Duffie (SR):

Boys 100 Meter Dash – 11.25 (13)


Pierce McCrary (SO):

Boys High Jump – 6-00.00 (22)


Henry McMahan (JR):

Boys 800 Meter Run – 1:59.51 (15)


Jacob Smetzer (JR):

Boys Long Jump – 21-01.00 (15)


Miles Wilson (SR):

Boys 1600 Meter Run – 4:29.14 (18)

Boys 3200 Meter Run – 9:36.07 (9)


Grace Braden (SR):

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles – 15.33 (19)


Quren Hullon (JR):

Girls 100 Meter Dash – 12.81 (5)


Addison Swartzendruber (JR):

Girls 200 Meter Dash – 25.82 (4)

Girls 400 Meter Dash – 56.54 (1)


Sidney Swartzendruber (JR):

Girls 400 Meter Dash – 56.60 (2)

Girls 800 Meter Run – 2:21.27 (4)


Emerson Swearinger (FR):

Girls 200 Meter Dash – 26.63 (8)


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Boys 4×100 Meter Relay – 42.69 (5)

Anthony Franklin (JR), Tre Duffie (SR), Donovan Slick-Driscoll (SR) and Jacob Doyle (SO) with alternates Chauncey Bodden (SO), Dawson Dougherty (FR) and Nick Woods (JR).


Boys 4×200 Meter Relay – 1:29.48 (12)

Anthony Franklin (JR), Tre Duffie (SR), Donovan Slick-Driscoll (SR) and Nick Woods (JR) with alternates Dawson Dougherty (FR), Jacob Doyle (SO), Cyrus Courtney (JR) and Crew Geater (JR).


Boys 4×400 Meter Relay – 3:29.97 (21)

Nick Woods (JR), Henry McMahan (JR), Alexander Volden (JR) and Crew Geater (JR) with alternates Zion Jackson-Collins (JR), Christian Gasper (JR), Tyler Bartels (SR) and Landen Dougherty (SR).


Boys 4×800 Meter Relay – 8:12.65 (18)

Jacob Bruns (JR), Griffin Gerdes (JR), Alexander Volden (JR) and Henry McMahan (JR) with alternates Miles Wilson (SR), Reuben Schlaak (SO) and Adam Gray (FR).


Boys Distance Medley – 3:40.23 (19)
Dawson Dougherty (FR), Jacob Doyle (SO), Crew Geater (JR) and Griffin Gerdes (JR) with alternates Donovan Slick-Driscoll (SR), Tre Duffie (SR), Nick Woods (JR) and Henry McMahan (JR).


Boys 4×110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle – 59.02 (3)

Tyler Bartels (SR), Cyrus Courtney (JR), Ryan Bartels (SO) and Landen Dougherty (SR) with alternates Pierce McCrary (SO), Dallas Keller (FR), Brayden Peck (FR) and Michael Richards (SO).


Boys 800 Sprint Medley – 1:35.85 (19)

Donovan Slick-Driscoll (SR), Tre Duffie (SR), Nick Woods (JR) and Anthony Franklin (JR) with alternates Chauncey Bodden (SO), Jacob Doyle (SO), Dawson Dougherty (FR) and Crew Geater (JR).


Girls 4×100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle – 1:10.89 (20)

Kayla Langerman (FR), Makenzie Cone (FR), Taliyah McDaniel (JR) and Grace Braden (SR) with alternates Rachael Smith (SO) and Alyssa Peck (JR).


Girls 4×100 Meter Relay – 50.65 (22)

Quren Hullon (JR), Ava Kingsbury (JR), Morgan Hospodarsky (FR) and Grace Braden (SR) with alternates Annie Garsayne (FR) and Kate Dyar (FR).


Girls 4×200 Meter Relay – 1:47.75 (23)

Quren Hullon (JR), Morgan Hospodarsky (FR), Jovie Veach (JR) and Emerson Swearinger (FR) with alternates Ava Kingsbury (JR) and Raelyn Van Kerckhove (SO).


Girls 4×400 Meter Relay – 4:01.15 (10)

Addison Swartzendruber (JR), Jovie Veach (JR), Emerson Swearinger (FR) and Sidney Swartzendruber (JR) with alternates Ramsay Geater (FR) and Morgan Hospodarsky (FR).


Girls 800 Sprint Medley – 1:47.27 (1)

Quren Hullon (JR), Morgan Hospodarsky (FR), Addison Swartzendruber (JR) and Sidney Swartzendruber (JR) with alternates Grace Braden (SR) and Jovie Veach (JR).


Girls Distance Medley – 4:23.40 (18)

Morgan Hospodarsky (FR), Emerson Swearinger (FR), Jovie Veach (JR) and Alyssa Brandt (JR) with alternates Anabel Bradley (SR) and Ava Kingsbury (JR).


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