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Infinite Struggles

Student at Kennedy High School attempting to maneuver Infinite Campus on their new chromebook.

Samuel Miranda, Writer

September 20, 2019

A change has come to the entire district which alters how students work. Kennedy has left Powerschool in the dust in favor of Infinite Campus and with that comes a plethora of new features. Infinite Campus has come with many benefits, but also brought confusion. Problems can stem from technical issues, a...

Football Under the Full Moon

The Kennedy Varsity Football team running towards the student section after winning their latest game against the Linn Mar Lions.

Joel Dillman, Writer

September 13, 2019

On Friday the 13th, under a full moon, two undefeated teams will take to the Kingston turf in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Kennedy Cougars will take on the #1 ranked West Des Moines Valley Tigers. The Cougars have two wins this season against Cedar Rapids’ Jefferson J-Hawks and Marion’s Linn-Mar Lion...

SMART Time Gone Forever

Students working in study hall.

Joel Dillman, Writer

September 12, 2019

After four years, all SMART-related efforts have been cut out of the daily schedule. Students no longer have a built-in time to make up work during the school day. Students remember SMART Time as a 30-minute stretch between second and third hour when they could go to a classroom of their choice to ge...

Best Spirit in America

Seniors showing their cougar spirit at the fall pep assembly by cheering on their class. Photo by Haylee Brewer.

Maggie Talbott-Malone, Writer

September 7, 2019

1800 Kennedy students dressed in green and gold, crammed into the fluorescently lit gym for this year's first pep assembly. Their goal; the spirit stick.  At last year’s spring pep assembly, the seniors walked away with their heads held high after a triumphant win. They entered the gym at the beginn...

Standing Up Against Social Injustices

Jackie Garcia attending a pep assembly at Kennedy High School, posing with handfuls of confetti.

Abby Bonat, Writer

June 11, 2019

To the naked eye, Jackie Garcia may seem like an average eighteen-year-old high school student, but behind her tightly curled hair and relaxed demeanor is a girl who has encountered more challenges and overcome more obstacles than most adults.   Garcia is a student at Kennedy High School who moved to Iowa fro...

A Journey of Understanding

Imam Hassan Selim, prayer leader at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids.

Jack McGrane, Writer

June 10, 2019

Imam Hassan Selim from Cairo, Egypt, is an integral leader of the Muslim community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He leads prayers at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids and is the vice president of the Inter-religious Council of Linn County. His journey has brought him across the world where he has encountered...

The World is Dying

A Coca-Cola can found outside in the grass from littering.

Jami Martin-Trainor, Writer

June 7, 2019

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), society has until 2030 to drastically change our way of living when it comes to carbon emissions, or else the damage will be irreversible, and the planet will soon be no longer habitable. This is not something that is 100 years...

It’s Payday Cougs

Cassie Lehman sr., making some taco pizza in the snack shack at The Play Station.

Alyssa Friedley, Writer

June 6, 2019

Although the spring rain doesn't show any signs of stopping, the 2019 school year is almost at an end and summer break will be in full swing. While spending time at the pool with your friends sounds like a summer well spent, you might as well make a little cash on your time off. Finding a job can be...

Goodbye, Farewell

Members of the GSA at Kennedy Highschool, whose club was sponsored and supported the club.

Jami Martin-Trainor, Writer

June 4, 2019

As the year comes to a close, the goodbyes are abundant throughout Kennedy High School. As seniors are sent off to college and beyond, many forget the staff and faculty who are retiring after years of working for the district. Beloved Language Arts teacher Cheryl Lindo will be one of the familiar faces...

Justin Peterson: Future US Army Combat Medic

Peterson (bottom front) and other future soldiers at the Rough Riders Ice Arena attending an event for Veterans Day, 2018

Olivia Riley-Schmelzer, Writer

June 3, 2019

Senior Justin Peterson made the decision to officially enlist in the US Army on October 12, 2018. Although it wasn’t originally apart of his plan, he eventually chose to enlist after realizing the experience would provide him with important skills and help him financially as he furthers his education. ...

Kamae Jacobus: The Sister on the Sidelines

Senior Kamae Jacobus smiles as she looks out at the football field.

Jenna Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

June 2, 2019

Fall Friday nights consist of cheering on the football team from the stands for most high school students. Yet senior Kamae Jacobus had a different experience with the football team. As football manager, Jacobus had the privilege of spending her Fridays on the sidelines, right next to the athletes and...

Behind the Scenes

Kennedy High School counselor information, available on the Kennedy Homepage.

Olivia Riley-Schmelzer, Writer

June 1, 2019

Providing students with academic support, emotional support, behavioral support, and college career readiness, the Kennedy High School counselors are hard at work behind the scenes making sure every student is given the opportunity to have comfortable high school experience. Around 300 students are...

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