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The Impact a Voice Can Have

The Impact a Voice Can Have

Hannah Ratzer, Arts and Culture Editor February 21, 2018

Of the seven billion people in the world, you may feel insignificant as one single being. Enacting lasting change can seem like a daunting or impossible task. Sometimes I imagine myself standing in...

snow after the storm

Getting Out Early for Snow

Josh Sheeley, Writer February 15, 2018

Snow days are something that Iowan school students must deal with all the time in the winter months. Iowa City schools got delayed late in the night, around the time the super bowl was ending, way before...

Valentine's Day is No Big Deal

Valentine’s Day is No Big Deal

Leeanne Mehring-Cruz, Feature Editor February 13, 2018

As kids, we decorated brown paper bags and brought candy for our classmates. You were cool if you brought the holographic cards with reflective puppies or hearts on them with a sucker attached to them....

One of Allie Sjullie's volunteering experiences took her to Kentucky for a week to help fix up a home.. She says that

Volunteering is opportunity to see world differently

Allie Sjullie, Writer January 17, 2018

Picture this: You leave for a church volunteer service trip to help someone in another state. Your volunteer group is pretty good, except two volunteers seem to constantly bicker. Turns out, you sit near...

Photo of the message Time's Up attempts to convey. This was posted on Instagram by hundreds of influential females in support of the Time's Up campaign, which was in response to the accusations against Harvey Weinstein and several other male figures in Hollywood.

The Power of One

Anna Reinhart, Opinion January 8, 2018

One person. One person is all it takes to start a domino effect crashing down on those who rape, sexually harass, abuse. One person is all it takes to start a national conversation and social movement...

Roberta Prats posing in downtown CR.

An Exchange Student’s View

Roberta Prats, Writer December 20, 2017

To begin, this is a personal story for me. I wanted people to see how this exchange experience is for me in America and Kennedy High School. I’m an exchange student from Spain and I like know what people...

Net Neutrality Gone?

Net Neutrality Gone?

Jami Martin-Trainor December 14, 2017

Imagine having to pay monthly fees to have access to social media. Imagine smaller companies completely going out of business because larger companies are doing whatever they can to demolish them. Imagine...

The Sandy Hook Memorial in Newtown, Connecticut.

Sandy Hook, Five Years Later

Anna Reinhart, Opinion Editor December 14, 2017

It’s been five years since the tragic elementary school shooting at Sandy Hook. Since then, what’s changed? Sadly, very little. On Dec. 14, 2012 a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School armed...

Crowd of students waiting to be released from the cafeteria.

Time for a Change

Rebecca Greene, Writer December 12, 2017

It’s a fact that teens are spending late nights doing homework during the school week. For many purposes, school should be ending earlier in the day. On Nov. 21, the Des Moines school board met to...

Fight Bullying with Kindness

Fight Bullying with Kindness

Hannah Ratzer, Writer December 5, 2017

On Thursday, Dec. 7, Kennedy students will be attending an assembly where Kirk Smalley, from the organization Stand for the Silent, will be speaking about his personal experience with bullying and suicide...

Balancing School and Jobs

Irma Dizdarevic, Writer November 29, 2017

Teens are working now more than ever. As more places are allowing 16 year olds to work, more teens are tackling the struggle of working and school. “School work comes first no matter what,” Rebecca...

Stop Asking Me Questions About College, Please!

Stop Asking Me Questions About College, Please!

Hannah Ratzer, Writer November 10, 2017

College is such a large part of a young person’s life, it’s hard not to be defined by it. Sitting on my living room floor sorting through the countless mailers I received from colleges, I couldn’t...

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