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Senior Hannah Ratzer

Senior Goodbye: Hannah Ratzer

Hannah Ratzer, Arts and Culture Editor May 29, 2018

While I’m spent many moments at Kennedy, here are some of my favorites from my four years. Freshmen Year: Running Cross Country Starting XC the summer before my freshman year introduced me to the...

Vol. 51 Issue 2: Staff Editorial

Anna Reinhart, Opinion Editor May 25, 2018

Many students wake up in the morning knowing that the day ahead of them is busy. For some it's only one day, for others, every single day it's a challenge to fit their extracurriculars in 24 hours. At...

The Cons of Gun Control

Josh Sheeley, Writer May 24, 2018

Recently in America, a hot topic is talking about guns, school shootings, who’s to blame and what should be done about gun control. Increasing gun control has many flaws in its idea and I believe that...

Vol. 51, Issue 2: Letter from the Editors

Vol. 51, Issue 2: Letter from the Editors

Jenna Anderson and Olivia Haefner May 21, 2018

Sports are a part of almost everyone's lives, whether people are spectators or players themselves. High school sports are popular all over the nation, and especially here at Kennedy High School. Playing...


Anna Reinhart, Opinion Editor May 17, 2018

In my three years at Kennedy, I've grown as both a person and a student. This is all thanks to primarily my teachers. As a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, I'm sharing one thing I'm thankful for that...

The students paid tribute to students who have been part of gun violence.

The Right to Live

Jami Martin-Trainor, Writer May 15, 2018

Every time there is a mass school shooting, we hear the exact same thing; send your thoughts and prayers. But, are thoughts and prayers going to stop people from getting shot? Probably not. Students...

Senior Jackson Foley plays Fortnite before his first period class. Fortnite has risen to great popularity at Kennedy and is played by a wide variety of students.

We Are Numb to Violence

Mathew WorthingtonBarnes, Writer May 14, 2018

People have started to notice that something is not quite right. We are all starting to see that with all the violence in the world and even here in the US, people are becoming numb to violence. When...

Is Asian Discrimination Prevalent in our Community?

Is Asian Discrimination Prevalent in our Community?

Claire Beaman, Writer March 26, 2018

We should all be treated as equals; everyone can agree on that. No one should be seen as a lesser being because of who they are. That’s what everyone believes. However, when it comes down to it, is...

We welcomed spring of 2018 on Tuesday, March 20.

Spring is in the Air

Grace Hanrahan, Writer March 22, 2018

As Iowans begin to crawl out of hibernation, moods shift to an energized “springy” vibe. Vitamin D is an excellent resource, as it provides us with calcium to strengthen us, and helps fight depression...

Alyssa Friedley strikes a dance move for a photo outside.

A Dancer’s Journey

Alyssa Friedley, Writer March 20, 2018

I was five when I started to dance. I think that when I started, everyone knew it would be something I would continue for a long time. Going to school at any grade level can be stressful, and dancing...

Letter from the Editors

Olivia Haefner and Jenna Anderson March 5, 2018

Dear Kennedy High School students, After the recent Parkland High School shooting some people are calling for mental health reforms, while others want gun control, but let's come together and put opinions...

Roberta Prats and Rotary friends at Marshalltown for  the day.

How Rotary and Kennedy High School Changed My Experience in America

Roberta Prats, Writer February 27, 2018

Rotary's goal is to help students learn new languages, discover other cultures, and truly become global citizens. They have achieved their goal with me. Rotary is the organization that helped make everything...

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